Causes to Donate Towards


To offer a neutral safe place for social emotional counselling during the week for youth and women.Counselling2

Youth Group (ages 9 – 16)

The foundation started the One Heart Youth Group that comes together Wednesday afternoons to teach the youth about morals and how to handle life difficulties while also offering emotional support – currently this initiative is running from one of the school classrooms at Ruststasie Primary, but it is quickly becoming too small…


Motivational and Life Skill Workshops for youth and women
  • The center will be a place where motivational and life skills workshops will be hosted by us and other well sourced organizations or institutes. These initiatives will mostly run weekends.



Healthy interaction by promoting moral development
  • To reduce the number of teen pregnancies and early substance abuse by teaching morals and guiding the youth through healthy interaction.
  • “Game night” will also be an added highlight for the youth each month.
  • Our young volunteers (national and international) will be very active in this area.100_5551
Safe haven from abuse
  • To provide a place of safety while alcohol abuse at home are high over weekends
  • To provide a feeding scheme at the center for the Youth on Friday evenings and on Saturday’s lunches after a workshop.img_0158
Single Parents Support Group

To offer moral support and keys to creative parenting to single young mothers that struggle through life and create a safety net where mothers can grow together in a support group and receive counsel.fam_img_1928


We need donated reading material that will be the start of our library, but we still need 2 computers, a printer and Wi-Fi installation. This library will make the world and opportunities bigger for this farming community.





As part of our sustainability plan we sell donated quality clothes and we have our own One Heart range of jams and marmalade’s that we manufacture from our own harvests.









One Heart Christian Foundation

First National Bank

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