Youth Outreach


Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. If they have a firm, stable foundation emotionally and spiritually, they are one step ahead towards a better future.

We have linked up with a small school, Rust Stasie Primary in the area of “Rust” that offers education to the children of farmworkers in the area. This is in the Middle Swartland region, between Malmesbury and Moorreesburg in the Western Cape of South Africa.

We aim to get involved with more farm schools in the Swartland region as we progress.

What do we offer the youth?

Youth Ministry

For 1,5 hours we sing and learn from the Bible – although we have sponsored bibles to the group, we find that they don’t read it for themselves and therefore we implement our teaching in such a way that they learn directly from the Bible.

Youth 1

1 Day Workshops

We teach girls and boys about their self-image, communication, family values, crisis control, substance abuse and reaching their full potential in Christ.

Youth 2

Holiday Programs

Various holiday programs can be offered depending on the season for indoor or outdoor activities. Volunteers like to get involved in projects like these. We offer arts and crafts and games with a meaning, that offers loads of fun and laughter.


There is definitely a need for the young people get help when facing family abuse and violence.
We will never look the other way.

Educational Day Trips

We aim to help fund the school for educational day trips to Cape Town and surrounding areas as a trip like that exist only in the teacher’s and pupil’s dreams. We want to make dreams come true.

youth 5


Weekend Camps

We aim to help fund the school for at least one weekend camp per year where they can learn while they play and have fun. We have helped with the first camp, we want to help with the rest.

youth 8


Volunteer Teacher Assistant Programs at the school that is curriculum based. 

youth 7

Please help us to continue with the Youth Outreaches by donating towards our programs.