We need help with the following please:

One Heart Youth Centre

At Ruststasie, 19km north from Malmesbury, off the N7

 We are very happy to announce that we now hold the key to our very own Youth Centre.

But we still need a few items to make it functional.

 We ask for your help with a contribution (item or financial) to be part in forming this great initiative.

Wish List

Kitchen Broom

Dustpan and hand broom

Bucket & Mop

Wash Cloths

Drying Cloths

Big Plastic Salad Bowls with Lids (food)

Big Plastic Square Containers with lids

Baine Marine

Cutlery x 40

Plates x 40

Mugs & Glasses x 40

Black Bags

Dishwashing Liquid

Handy Andy


Toilet Spray

Toilet Paper

Toilet Brush x 2 (Grey)

Hand Towels (Dark Grey / lime green)

Hand Soap

Curtains for Counselling Room (Dark Grey)

Scatter cushions (insides)

2 lounge chairs for counselling room

Nestle Hot Chocolate (only add water J)



Long life Milk

Cookies / Biscuits


Craft paints & glue

Children Books & Games & Puzzles

Plastic crates for storage

Table Tennis / Indoor games

Carpet for library

Projector for laptop

Big Screen TV & DVD Player for movie nights

DVD’s (age appropriate & motivational)

Extension electricity leads

Fire Extinguishers x 4

First Aid Kit

Floresen Bulbs and Covers

Banking Details:  FNB, Cheque Acc. Nr: 624 969 82 549


1. Contemporary Christian Dance Instructor/Volunteer


2.  A Volunteer with computer skills that can install donated software and help the teachers and students how to use it.



3. HP 122 Black and Colour Computer Cartridges and Computer Paper

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4.  A Sponsor to help bind Christian Study and Activity Material in a book form for rural children. The lessons are taught and the mentors help the children with the activity sheets. It is all done in group form and especially to help children get to know their Bibles through cross referencing.