I am sure there are thousands of parents that worry when their child wants to volunteer overseas. If their destination and place of stay will be a safe environment.

I can truly say that that is exactly what we offer our volunteers. A safe place to volunteer and stay. Mom and Dad will have peace that their child is in responsible hands. Volunteers become part of our family and while they live under our roof. They become our children and we care for them as our own. The work they do are of utmost importance and they are treated with dignity and respect.

We live in a small community that look out for each other. Our premises are camped in with burglar proof bars in front of doors and windows. We also have a security system and a good old faithful dog 🙂

The school is walking distance from our house. The school gates also gets locked during the school day. Nobody can just walk in as they wish without prior arrangement.

So after a day of important work, the volunteer comes home to a comfortable home. They get to relax and normally report  back to me about their day. Later we will cook together and get to know more about each other’s way of life or interests.

We also have cable TV and Wi-Fi, therefore nobody is cut off from the rest of the world. The volunteer can Skype or email their family whenever they feel the need. I also make sure the volunteer or myself phone their parents on arrival to confirm that they are safe.

In January 2016 we had the privilege of having our 2nd Australian volunteer. She stayed with us for the first 3 weeks of the school semester. Ashley Whitelaw joined our volunteer program and her project was to help coach school athletics. She also helped with English, art and school administration. In her leisure time she enjoyed our swimming pool very much! We worked in a quick tour to Langebaan on our West Coast. Our children enjoyed it just as much as Ashley! And o, we must not forget the o so South African Vegetarian Braai on a real fire and not a gas grill!!! Thank you Ashley! You left beautiful memories with all of us! We did not teach you something specific like making a traditional SA pudding, but we did teach you some target shooting skills 🙂


Volunteer helping with athletics as part of the teaching program


Ashely with a special group of children she worked with.


There are always so much love to share!


Warming up for the race!


The pool is a blessing on hot summer days!


Volunteer learning how to target shoot! One Heart likes to teach something to the volunteers before going back home.


The whole family in the pool!


More happy faces…


In SA we braai….even if you are a vegetarian!


Langebaan is a coast town that is not far from us with clean white sandy beaches.