What does our Volunteers say? 

Review from Ashley (Australia)

My time with One Heart was absolutely amazing! i would recommend this organisation to anyone looking for a really warm, supportive, caring, fun environment. The work with the school you undertake is incredibly rewarding, the kids are the most loving children you will ever meet and will give you back 10x what you put in. Any help you can give is extremely appreciated. Living arrangements are really comfortable and they go above and beyond to accommodate you and make you feel welcome – by the time you leave you really feel apart of the family! This organisation is still very new but they have already made such a noticeable difference and have great plans for the future! “

Ashley Whitelaw, Australia

Volunteer date: January – February 2016


Review from Hailey (Australia)

Selene picked me up from my hostel in Cape Town which was just over an hour from Malmesbury/Moorreesburg where her home is located in a remote farming community.

As soon as we met I knew we would get along so well and we did. She took me out to lunch at the restaurant her husband and brother-in-law own and we talked as if we had known each other for ever. Selene is very friendly and bubbly and was an amazing host. I felt extremely welcome in her home and like I was part of the family. Selene and her family are wonderful people and she does amazing things for others completely from the bottom of her heart, expecting nothing in return.

During my time with Selene and her family, I was lucky enough to spend time with the children at Rust Stasie Primary School which is a ten minute walk from her home. Here I assisted in the classroom, helping the kids with their English pronunciation and writing, maths, painting, teaching them English songs and games and bonding with them.

Selene runs bible class for the children every Friday after school which I was fortunate enough to attend. She does this voluntarily, even buying each child their own bible to keep. One Heart works very closely with the school and wants to implement new ideas and strategies to give the kids the best chance at a bright future.

Selene has previously organised school camps for all children and has arranged for donated supplies and special visitors to attend.

Selene devotes so much of her time and energy to this cause as well as still being a wife and mother to two young children. I am so blessed to have spent time with her, her family and her community. She is a beautiful soul & truly an inspiration.

Hailey Lambert, Melbourne, Australia

Volunteer date: November 2014

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Review from Jente (Holland)

One Heart Christian Foundation is a great organisation to do work with.

The family you stay with is great! You feel so welcome!

Everything is organised and you can do extra projects. For example, there’s always more to do when it’s a special holiday.

The organisation is very flexible and they will help you in any way they can!

It’s just so comfortable to work with them.

There is always a possibility to discuss what ever needs to be talked about and there is never any problems. They will make sure you have a bed and food and a really good time!

I think it’s a good thing you live with the person who runs the organisation because it’s much closer to you amd you know what’s going on and what’s happening. And it’s nice that you can talk about it.

It’s an organisation that started in 2014 but it’s already so good and trustworthy! And that’s very nice to see.

One Heart Christian Foundation is an organisation you can depend on!

Jente Ellenkamp, Utrecht, Holland

Volunteer date: February – June 2015


Review from Adriaan (South Africa)

As a South African I see the need for help in my day to day living. By volunteering at One Heart Christian Foundation made me realize how much of a difference one person can make by helping others. It didn’t just made the children happy it made me happy as well because I saw the joy on their faces.

I helped with children that needed attention with schoolwork, art classes and sports.

I tried my best with my own education and experience to help them and I could see that it really helped.

I would recommend One Heart Christian Foundation for any volunteer that wants to make a difference in children’s lives.

Adriaan Labuschagne, Malmesbury, South Africa

Volunteer Date: January to April 2015



Review from Andrea (Paraguay, South America)

One Heart Christian Foundation was the best thing I’ve done in my life, I was a missionary carrying a Christian message to the children of the rural schools in the area. The foundation is made up of a staff with an impressive heart. I felt very safe, comfortable and very well received by the staff. I felt so good that I can not wait to get back to Rust and help in the incredible projects that this foundation has. It is a foundation prepared and well organized, with people who have earned my trust, my respect and my admiration. If my children wish to serve I would send them with confidence and security to One Heart Christian Foundation. In this foundation I have felt the true spirit of service to the neighbor taking as an example the people who manage the foundation. This is an amazing place! God bless the Christian Heart One Foundation. This foundation has changed my life and today it is my family.

Volunteer date:  2 May 2017 – 12 May 2017