Christian Counselling

We offer a neutral safe place at the Family Resource Center for Social Emotional and Christian Counselling during the week for children and women.

We encourage the counselling to take place at the Center to prevent the children or women from feeling afraid to talk in their home environment or the fear of being judged that something is “wrong” with them.

The challenge is to get the people to the Center and time off work

How can you help?

  • Sponsor transport or fuel
  • Become a donor partner by contributing any amount monthly towards our operations to be able to give this supporting service



Children's Ministry

We offer Children’s Ministry at the Family Resource Center on Fridays after school. The Center is a place of safety and trust where they can be themselves and receive counselling and social support in a fun, playful and loving environment.

What happens at Children’s Ministry?

  • Children come the the Center straight after school
  • They receive a snack in the afternoon and a light supper before they go home
  • We teach them life lessons on Biblical truths
  • We play and work with them to promote healthy interaction and social and moral development
  • Game and Movie Nights
  • Indoor Games Room

The Challenges are transport and donor partners to support us financially (any amount) to help with our support services.

How can you help?

  • Volunteer your time and skills on a Friday afternoon
  • Volunteers with skills in cultural dances, music, games, children’s ministry
  • Food Vouchers from Checkers, Shoprite, Spar or Pick n Pay (Malmesbury or Moorreesburg)
  • Donate game equipment and movies
  • Transport to take the children home Friday evenings
  • Donor partners to support our operations financially with any amount that they feel prompted to give for a committed time or once off.
One Heart Christian Foundation

One Heart Christian Foundation



Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry also take place at the Family Resource Center and it is all about supporting women spiritually to keep the faith and stand strong for their families and children. The women are the gatekeepers of their families and as women we need to keep each other strong and lifted up.

img_0151 IMG_0017

Social Development Projects

Through Social Development Programs we teach girls and boys about their self-image, communication, family values, crisis control, substance abuse, social acceptable behavior, moral values and good ethics just to name a few.

These programs run at

  • The Family Resource Center
  • School Camps
  • Day Trips

Youth 2


youth 8


Skills Development Projects

We offer a place for Skills Development Workshops that are hosted by us and other well sourced organizations or institutes and these                initiatives mostly run over weekends.

The challenges are transport and material.

How can you help?

  • Donating material like wood, paint, paint brushes, decoupage paper, arts and crafts material
  • Transport
  • Volunteer your time and skills to teach others on a Saturday
  • IMG_0380


Various holiday programs can be offered for the children depending on the season for indoor or outdoor activities. Volunteers like to get involved in projects like these. We offer arts and crafts and games with a meaning, that offers loads of fun and laughter.

Victim Empowerment Programs

We run victim empowerment programs at the Family Resource Center and at the schools.

In this photo a missionary from Paraguay explained through role play with dolls a person’s private and public parts and when it is acceptable when people touch you or not and what to do when someone touch you inappropriately.

Children were also taught to show on a piece of paper where their private parts are so that they can identify it if they are too afraid to speak.



Substance Abuse Programs

Substance Abuse programs are held at the Family Resource Center and we want to employ a substance abuse counselor to help individuals and families between the schools and farms, therefore we need help from donor partners to make this possible.


Single Parent and Granny Headed Families Support Group

We offer social and moral support to single parent and granny headed families through

  • workshops on creative parenting
  • support group
  • group counselling

Our challenges are transport and funding for operations

How can you help?

  • Sponsor transport
  • Become a donor partner through sponsoring any amount monthly towards our operations



We offer a rural library at the Family Resource Center for children and families to take out books to read stories or educate themselves.

Our challenge is to get donated reading material, 2 computers, a printer and Wi-Fi installation.

How can you help?   

  • Donate wooden boards to build bookshelves
  • Donate children and adult books.
  • Working computers
  • Wi-fi installation







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