BBBEE & Tax Certificates

 One Heart can offer your business points
on your BBBEE scorecard or an 18A Tax Deductible Certificate!



With the South Africa economy being in a recession, your business might not be booming as usual. Advertising costs are at an all-time high which means your ROI has decreased. Your stakeholders want answers.

Becoming a sponsor at One Heart Christian Foundation offers your multiple benefits to amplify your marketing:

These include:

 An 18A Tax Certificate (tax deductible)

 Fixed Exposure on our website with a backlink to your website

 Article about your services in our newsletter which goes out to our database which includes other businesses

 Posts about your services and contribution on our social media pages

How does BBBEE work?


One Heart is level 1 accredited BBBEE entity as we have more that 75% black beneficiaries. We can offer you BBBEE points if you involve us in your ownership.

(25 points)

Socio-Economic Development›

SED is a means for companies to help black people gain sustainable access to the economy and become economically active.

Companies can contribute to SED initiatives by assisting One Heart in the following ways:

 Grant contributions›
 Covering Operational Cost

(5 points)

One Heart need Grants for:

 Monthly contribution towards our operational costs
 Transport or fuel sponsorship
 Sponsoring our marketing costs
 Food voucher sponsorship such as Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Spar
 Donation of game equipment, computers, movies
 Donating arts and crafts material

For more information:

Contact:  Selene Basson
Tel Nr:  072 152 8030