BBBEE Status

 One Heart can offer your business up to 90 points
on your BBBEE scorecard!


How does it work?


One Heart is level 1 accredited BBBEE entity as we have more that 75% black beneficiaries. We can offer you BBBEE points if you involve us in your entity.

›(25 points)

Skills Development

A 6% target of your payroll needs to be spent on training; do you have enough time and resources to do this? Let One Heart do this on your behalf by spending this on the development of previously disadvantaged people. We can bring  in the community and you can benefit with BBBEE points.

›(20 points)

Enterprise & Supplier Development

We can set up and manage a small black-owned business and act as a conduit by facilitating these initiatives on behalf of your entity.

›(40 points)

›Socio-economic Development

Unlike corporate social investment, Socio-Economic Development (SED) is a means for companies to help black people gain sustainable access to the economy and become economically active. Companies can contribute to SED initiatives by assisting One Heart in the following ways:

›Grant contributions
›Offering discounts
›Covering overhead or direct costs
›Providing professional services at no cost
›Providing professional services at a discount

›(5 points)

One Heart need Grants for:

Women & Youth Centre renovation
Operational cost for Centre
Operational cost for One Heart
Intern Program
Volunteer Program
Educational material for single parenting support groups
Social Emotional workshops to form educated, responsible and positive adults
Supporting development initiatives

For more information:

Contact:  Selene Basson
Tel Nr:  072 152 8030