volunteer-in-sa One Heart offers a Teacher Assistant Volunteer Program in rural South Africa at a small place called  Rust in the Western Cape of South Africa.

We are situated about 80km from Cape Town between beautiful wheat and canola fields.

The atmosphere is rustic and tranquil with a historic and still working railway track running through the wheat fields. DSC03955

There is a quietness around you so that you will be able to hear true nature sounds; from birds nesting and singing from early morning to owls hooing in the middle of the night.

Evenings the skies are clear with a universe of stars to gaze upon.

The children and people you get to meet are the salt of the earth; friendly and inviting….appreciative.

Everybody that visit are treated like a king or a queen with nearly a 100 little faces mesmerized that you are from another part of the world and that they are so special that you choose to visit and help them out of the whole wide world.

This is an experience that words cannot describe, but the feelings and images will always be sketched on the chambers of your heart.

Leaving is never easy, but when you do, you will know that you have meant something to somebody and to a whole lot of other little bodies too.

Volunteering at One Heart in South Africa not only broadens your horizons, but you bring the world and a once in a lifetime experience to a child to be able to communicate with somebody on the other side of the world.

This is experiences they will always remember and one day they will tell their children stories of their upbringing that sounds something like this:

…….”when I was a little child, I young women named Hailey came and visited our school from the other side of the world and she taught us how to play UNO cards and today my child I want to teach you how to play it and not only did she teach us to play a card game, but she gave the best hugs that I have ever felt before because when she hugged me, I knew I was special and that she meant to share her kind heart and love with me, because nobody can fake love…..love can be seen in a person’s eyes and felt with their presence….love can never be fake.”

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You can also have an experience like Hailey did at One Heart in South Africa. Here is her review after she stayed 2 weeks with us:

Selene picked me up from my hostel in Cape Town which was just over an hour from Malmesbury/Moorreesburg where her home is located in a remote farming community.

As soon as we met I knew we would get along so well and we did. She took me out to lunch at the restaurant her husband and brother-in-law own and we talked as if we had known each other for ever. Selene is very friendly and bubbly and was an amazing host. I felt extremely welcome in her home and like I was part of the family. Selene and her family are wonderful people and she does amazing things for others completely from the bottom of her heart, expecting nothing in return.

During my time with Selene and her family, I was lucky enough to spend time with the children at Rust Stasie Primary School which is a ten minute walk from her home. Here I assisted in the classroom, helping the kids with their English pronunciation and writing, maths, painting, teaching them English songs and games and bonding with them.

Selene runs bible class for the children every Friday after school which I was fortunate enough to attend. She does this voluntarily, even buying each child their own bible to keep. One Heart works very closely with the school and wants to implement new ideas and strategies to give the kids the best chance at a bright future.

Selene has previously organised school camps for all children and has arranged for donated supplies and special visitors to attend.

Selene devotes so much of her time and energy to this cause as well as still being a wife and mother to two young children. I am so blessed to have spent time with her, her family and her community. She is a beautiful soul & truly an inspiration.

Hailey Lambert, Melbourne, Australia
Volunteer date: November 2014
Contact Selene direct at selene@oneheartcf.org to book and discuss your volunteer experience with One Heart.